Astro Air Design Donates

Astro Air Design And Solar, a well known local business in Lincoln, California, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the community by making a significant contribution to the Lincoln 4th of July Foundation.

Dana White, the owner of Astro Air Design And Solar, recognizes the importance of supporting local non-profits and non-profit events, such as the Lincoln 4th of July Celebration. By generously donating to the largest community event in Lincoln, Astro Air Design And Solar sets an example for other Lincoln-based businesses to follow, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between local businesses and non-profit initiatives.

The Lincoln 4th of July Celebration has become a cherished tradition in the community, offering residents and visitors an unforgettable experience while fostering a sense of unity and patriotism. The event’s success relies heavily on the support and involvement of local businesses like Astro Air Design And Solar. With their donation, Astro Air Design And Solar has demonstrated a deep understanding of the value that these community events bring to the Lincoln area.




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